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    Human bodies depicted as mangled car by

    Adelaide-based artist Emma Hack uses her expertise skill at body painting for this jarring anti-speeding campaign for Motor Accident Commission, as conceived by advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. The campaign depicts a mangled car that is actually made of carefully positioned human bodies. There are seventeen men and women within the anamorphic image of a car that has clearly been in an accident with up to five layers of paint coating their bodies.

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Requiem for a dream by Nondani


    Requiem for a dream by Nondani

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    Anamorphic Graffiti by TSF Crew

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Phobia List by


    Phobia List by

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Where I’ve Never Been by 3LambsIllustration


    Where I’ve Never Been by 3LambsIllustration

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    Italian photographer Federico Chiesa has imagined what evil film characters would look like in their later years, including Darth Vader, Jason Voorhees and more.

    If 80’s Film Villains Were Alive Today by

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    The “Crashed Ferrari Table” by French designer Charly Molinelli is a coffee table containing parts of a wrecked Ferrari – “like a dead hero placed into a coffin”.

    “To make the table, Molinelli found a totaled Ferrari and had it crushed to fit the dimensions of the table. The table now resides in a private home.”

    The Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table by Charly Molinelli

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    Beautiful set of minimalist Game of Thrones posters by Tom Gateley for all of the fans to drool over. A must watch show! Which house would you fight for?

    Game of Thrones House Posters by Tom Gateley (Flickr)

    Via: chriskessler | geekleetist

    Where is Dorne? What about Davos’ sigil? Stannis? The Freys? The Boltons? Tarth? Brotherhood Without Banners? Come on… go big or go home.

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    Sexy Superhero Paintings by