Baby I'm bad news.

  1. I hate Fathers Day. There should be a Bastards Day for us kids without a dad. I know someone that would approve.


  2. mrgolightly:

    Still waiting for that Jon Snow sex scene.

  3. schoensuess:

    Game of Thrones!

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  4. I Will Write in Words of Fire: hmmmmm....

    Your result for A Song Of Ice And Fire house sorting quiz…


    25 Tully, 0 Lannister, 11 Stark, 10 Targaryen and 9 Tyrell!

    A Tully is steadfast and loyal, knowing well their place in the world, but at the same time, they are not to be crossed. Tullys have an iron backbone and a strong sense of practicality to back up their proclivities toward duty and loyalty, and won’t soon be sent packing once they set their mind to a task. Their colors are red and blue, and their mascot is a trout. Their motto is quite emblematically family, duty, honor, outlining their most cherished loyalties in order of importance.

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  5. lady stark, you may survive us yet.

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