Baby I'm bad news.

  1. schoensuess:

    Game of Thrones!

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  2. Tomorrow I get my boobs professionally played with.

    I have to go in and get a ultrasound on one of my boobies and then a mammogram and both of them right after. All the people I have talked to that have had mammograms before say its horribly painful. I have a really high pain tolerance but I’m still freaked out. *Sigh* I don’t wanna go but I just found out another member in my family has cancer and I feel like I need to take every precautionary step available to me even though I know I don’t have cancer and I probably just have that lumpy boob syndrome. 

  3. Do I go to the doctors or wait and see if it gets better?

    My boob is seriously killing me still. I can’t walk around without a bra. The bouncing motion is so painful. I don’t know what I should do.